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By The Pollack Group

Creating effective content is an essential part of any successful marketing strategy. To boost marketing results with powerful content, check out the Forbes Agency Council’s latest piece, ‘16 Content Hacks Every Marketer Should Leverage In 2023.’ View the original article on Forbes. The No. 14 contribution is from agency president Stefan Pollack.

14. Leveraging Interactive Content

In 2023, interactive content such as quizzes, polls and surveys will be powerful tools for engaging audiences, generating leads and gathering data. They can increase the time users spend on websites and social media pages. Use interactive content across channels, and tailor it to customer journey stages to increase engagement, conversions and retention. – Stefan Pollack, The Pollack Group

1. Partnering With Successful Content Creators

Partner with successful content creators and influencers who have audiences who are similar to yours. This skilled cadre can produce all the content you need (even video!) at a fraction of the cost of traditional creative agencies. More importantly, they’ll give you content that actually resonates with and engages your target demographic. After all, they’ve already demonstrated that they’re awesome at that! – Mae Karwowski, Obviously

2. Using Marketing As A Force For Good

Responsible brands serving as purpose-driven organizations with good global citizen stewardship will transform their marketing, making it integral to their pivotal sustainable growth strategy. Aligning your company with sustainable development goals will not only engage people’s hearts and minds, but also help you co-own an unmatched brand narrative. – Rachel Ooi, Dentsu International

3. Focusing On Micro-Moments

In 2023, marketers can hack content by focusing on micro-moments. Create short, visually appealing pieces that are highly informative to meet the real-time needs of consumers for maximum impact. – Zohaib Patoli, Lead Origin

4. Livestreaming For Syndication

Livestreaming is an interesting trend that’s being launched by TikTok, Amazon and others. There are the obvious benefits of authenticity and connecting with a highly engaged following, but the hidden value is that livestreaming is also a content engine that can be syndicated to other channels. – Ray Lansigan, Publicis Groupe

5. Creating Interactive, Personalized Content

One content hack that all marketers should know about in 2023 is to focus on creating interactive and personalized content. This includes using Web chatbots, augmented reality and virtual reality technology and artificial intelligence to enhance the customer experience and build stronger relationships with your audience. Personalized content has been proven to drive higher engagement and conversions, making it a must-know tactic for marketers. – Frank Rojas, Qode Media Inc.

6. Hiring Your Dream Content Team

Have a dream team of content creators ready and eager to execute. High-tech solutions work when they are driven by high-touch talent. Let thought leaders do what they do best, and have content creators armed and ready to do the rest. When marketing teams have talented writers available to listen, organize, prioritize and energize content, those great content ideas get executed brilliantly! – Lorrie Thomas Ross, Web Marketing Therapy Inc.

7. Investigating Use Cases For ChatGPT

ChatGPT is making waves right now—both good and bad. But any content marketer should investigate it and see how it can make your content ideation more efficient. It can be particularly useful in generating article ideas that keep you competitive in your space. – Mary Ann O’Brien, OBI Creative

8. Developing Evergreen Content

Make sure to have content that is always available and easy to reuse. Have your team prepare interesting bits for social media, emails, videos and even podcasts that will always work. At the same time, staying relevant and following the news can also be a content hack that is still worth applying in 2023. – Nataliya Andreychuk, Viseven

9. Using Tools To Check Your Writing

One of the best tools for checking writing is Quillbot. If you have not used this app, it is amazing and a great way to check your writing for proper grammar as well as plagiarism. It is an app that will help you to easily improve your writing. I use it to check all of my posts. – Jon James, Ignited Results

10. Tailoring Content To Each Platform

Marketers often misunderstand the power of tailoring content to each platform. Specifically, we have noticed that user-generated content outperforms professional content curated in studios when running paid traffic on social media platforms. The more you blend in with the platform, the less you will stick out like a sore thumb. This improves the user experience! – Rohaan Khan, Orange Trail

11. Extending The Value Of Content Created For Conferences

Don’t put the trade-show cart before the horse. Plan content aligned with your content strategy, not news and one-off events. Great, human-generated content is costly, so always have a plan for atomizing it or making it evergreen. Too often, marketers throw away campaigns once a conference wraps up. Find the extended value and keep milking it. – Christine Slocumb, Clarity Quest Marketing

12. Deploying Archival Content In Meaningful Ways

Unleash your archives! They aren’t just for storage. Companies can gain a distinct competitive advantage if they understand how to deploy archival content in meaningful ways. Take it from Levi Strauss, Coca-Cola and Disney, who all use their history as tools. Find strategic opportunities to organize and mine your archives. They are right under your nose and hold the building blocks for great stories. – Samantha Reynolds, ECHO Storytelling Agency

13. Using Short-Form Video To Engage Consumers

With time being a limited resource, it is crucial for brands to ensure that consumers get the most value from their online experience. Short video formats, such as TikToks, YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels, are perfect for capturing the attention of consumers and delivering engaging content in a short amount of time. – Michael Kuzminov, HypeFactory

14. See above.

15. Answering Your Audience’s Pressing Questions

Focus on answering your target audience’s most pressing questions. Refresh or reimagine your FAQs, starting with figuring out why the most frequently asked question is asked so frequently, and explore what makes it so interesting. Then, move down the list of questions, adding new insights or new ways for your audience to better understand their problems. – David Racine, Punch PR

16. Prioritizing User-Generated Content

One content hack that all marketers should know about in 2023 is the power of UGC, as it can increase trust and engagement with your audience. Encourage customers to share their experiences with your brand and repost them on your social media platforms. – Seth Winterer, Digital Logic