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By The Pollack Group

The Worldcom Group, a leading global partnership of independent communications consultancies, has launched its 2019 Public Predictions and Media Trends as well as its Top 10 Communications tips. With input from The Pollack Group and partners across 115 cities around the globe, the predictions and trends give a comprehensive and global analysis of today’s communications landscape and should prove to be valuable for international organizations as they plan for 2019.
The predictions cover notable topics in today’s landscape, including the rise and fall of major social media platforms, data regulation and privacy, the focus on employee engagement and satisfaction, artificial intelligence and content personalization, as well as geo-political uncertainty. “The seeds sown in 2018 will bring significant challenges and opportunities in 2019. We hope our predictions and recommendations will help organizations all over the world address the challenges they face more effectively so that they achieve their business goals with greater certainty,” said Roger Hurni, chairman of Worldcom.
2019 will be the third year that Worldcom has launched its Public Prediction and Media Trends, accurately forecasting a movement to regulate social media and the usage of personal data. 

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