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By The Pollack Group

Getting a good night’s sleep is everybody’s dream yet may be elusive to many. Still, remedies abound, and can include weighted blankets, herbal aids, sound machines and robots, among many — catapulting the sleep remedy industry to a whopping $107.7 billion. Yet, the key to a good night’s sleep may be a simpler one. Just update an unsupportive mattress.

Big Fig Mattress, a recognized leader in the plus-sized mattress industry, has partnered with The Pollack Group to raise top of funnel awareness for its disruptive and innovative approach to owning a niche market within the mattress industry.

The Big Fig Mattress is the first mattress explicitly built to meet the needs of a bigger-figured body. Plus-sized individuals often suffer from back pain, body aches, and overheating – all of which aren’t addressed or supported by traditional mattresses, and are therefore often sleep-deprived.

While other brands use an “all-foam mattress” or “slabs of foam in a box” to populate the online mattress industry, Big Fig took the time and money necessary to design and build a mattress from the ground up, inherently creating solutions for the problems uniquely faced by the plus-size sleeper.

“In three short years, Big Fig’s mattress has created the ultimate sleep experience for a market that had been largely ignored by traditional mattress companies. Big Fig is the creator of a category within a category,” said Stefan Pollack, president of The Pollack Group.

“To date, direct-to-consumer (DTC) success has been reserved for health, beauty and specialty categories. However, Big Fig is breaking that mold, and is a great example of a direct-to-consumer business that has found its stride,” added Pollack.

In three years, Big Fig has become the plus-sized mattress category’s market leader, championing how a good night’s sleep is a critical factor in living a purposeful life.

“As people trade their desks and commutes for working from home, the concept of working from bed is equally alluring. As such, they are investing in a mattress that supports their body comfortably while working within these new environments. We are delighted to partner with Big Fig Mattress, helping them spread the good word about the essence of getting a good night’s sleep,” said Pollack.