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By Noemi Pollack

Twenty years ago, our agency was invited to become a partner in the The Worldcom Public Relations Group. Over the next two decades, it has enabled us to offer clients access to the international creative capability of 88 global firms, with over 2,000 communications professionals in 115 cities, in 49 countries on six continents and in three regions: Americas, Asia Pacific, and EMEA. It has also enabled us to capitalize on clients’ local relationships with key audiences and influencers, and drive campaigns with a targeted local message in every city and country they are deployed.

As I write, agency President, Stefan Pollack, now a Marketing Director on the Worldcom Group Board, is in Vienna, Austria, attending our 20th Annual Group Meeting of Worldcom Public Relations. It is a time to engage with partners and discuss potential of expanding shared clients prospecting together, new industry trends and tools, and today’s expanded digitized business environment, where more companies are turning to social media and mobile channels to connect with tech-savvy audiences.

Last year our Partners won hundreds of awards with, and for, clients. That’s because the success of each campaign is really intrinsic to the business of every Partner involved and why the focus is always on results, not process.

The impact of our partnership has become a worldwide advantage for agency clients, as well as shared clients, with international and domestic interests.  

It has put our agency on the worldwide map of the communications industry.