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By The Pollack Group

Artificial Intelligence can empower businesses to save countless hours of repetitive work, but its introduction and implementation can also be a massive hurdle. The agency was featured in the Forbes Agency Council’s latest piece, ‘Leveraging AI To Improve Workflow: 12 Tips For Agencies.’ View the original article on Forbes. The No. 1 contribution is from agency president Stefan Pollack.

1. Market Research

AI dramatically helps with market research. The ability to find information from millions in a sample size simply by creating AI criteria has made traditional and laborious market-research tactics obsolete. – Stefan Pollack, The Pollack Group

2. Data Utilization

We use an AI called Lucy. Lucy allows us to ingest massive quantities of data that a client has already created as well as our own research and third-party data. We can then access all of this data via natural language search. This allows us to better utilize data in a fraction of the time. The result is insightful, data-driven strategies for our clients, in less time. – Scott Severson, Brandpoint

3. Customer Service Requests

One of the best things about AI is that it can be used to queue requests for customer service. The main reason this is a benefit is that it can take the content and get each customer to the right expert, eliminating the redundancy of people speaking to the wrong people over and over again. – Jon James, Ignited Results

4. Actionable Insights

When AI crunches and produces the relevant data, it makes a person’s ability almost superhuman. We are now able to digest large volumes of data at the speed of light and produce actionable insights in minutes that would have taken years in the past. It is truly the future. – Terry Tateossian, Socialfix Media

5. Unbiased Results

Marketers are often biased, so tools like Google Analytics Intelligence are providing solid insights rather than leaving data that we may filter or misconstrue the results on. Seeing activity and user flow intelligence has helped us optimize landing page language and visuals to increase conversion rates. – Douglas Karr, Highbridge

6. Quality Assurance Checks

AI never sleeps or goes on vacation, which makes automated quality assurance checks a good task. They’re repeatable and help teams routinely apply best practices. Proceed with care when using AI for tasks that could have inherent biases, like targeting or modeling. – Kieley Taylor, GroupM

7. Paid Media Optimization

We use cutting-edge AI/machine learning to take our paid media optimizations to the next level and outperform our clients’ competition. Being able to capitalize on early strong intraday momentum or react to leading indicators of poor intraday performance quicker than we’ve been able to do in the past has allowed us to see a 78% lift in ROAS and a 19% reduction in acquisition costs. – Daniel Ehrlich, eCommerceGuy

8. Automated And Personalized Social Media

At my company, we serve a large variety of verticals and have found that when content is geared specifically to each vertical, it feels more personal and relevant for our current and potential clients. With personalization comes either a lot of manual work or finding a way to automate it. To solve, we use our own software and the built-in AI to segment and automate our social media posts. – Matthew Brown, ThumbStopper®

9. Influencer Fraud Detection

Fraud is a hot button in our industry (influencer marketing). Our systems include AI functionality that checks for influencer fraud. Information from first-party API data like audience location, follower growth spikes and engagement rate inconsistencies get flagged by the software — but we always follow up with a manual review process. While AI can be helpful, the human element remains paramount. – Danielle Wiley, Sway Group

10. Video Production

We are a creative video production agency, and AI helps us personalize our videos. The marketing team uses AI to understand what sort of content resonates with specific audiences. This allows video creators to understand what they need to produce. The result: our project’s completion time is reduced, and the final product clearly communicates the message and delivers higher CTR. – Osama Khabab, MotionCue

11. Natural Language Research

Natural language research tools can help to pull together findings that otherwise would have taken hours to achieve. This allows the agency team to spend more time analyzing and reporting on the findings versus having to do the heavy research lifting. It also means research is more affordable for clients who otherwise may have thought only large companies could afford such activities. – Kathleen Lucente, Red Fan Communications

12. Headspace For Strategy And Creativity

Artificial intelligence is useful at both ends of the scale. For repetitive tasks, automation can get these off our plates and free us up to focus on important creative work. On the other end, AI allows us to analyze data at a speed and effectiveness that would take a human too long to implement. Both ways make our team more effective and give us the headspace to make stronger strategic decisions. – Benjamin Collins, Laughing Samurai