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By The Pollack Group

The Pollack Group (TPG) has been retained by nonprofit Jewish Future Pledge as its agency of record tasked with increasing awareness of the organization’s key mission and securing pledge commitments from supporters of Jewish and Israeli philanthropic efforts worldwide. To boost pledge numbers, TPG will be acting as an extension of the Jewish Future Pledge’s marketing team, leading the charge in media relations, organic social media, lead generation, paid social, PPC, and monthly email marketing responsibilities. TPG will also manage relationships with partner nonprofit organizations, as well as maintain and forge new connections with mission adjacent organizations like financial advisory firms and estate planning professionals who will be able to assist pledgers with bequeathment wishes.

The Jewish Future Pledge aims to encourage individuals of all backgrounds to designate that the charity they leave at their passing, half of it is earmarked to support Jewish organizations and/or the State of Israel. The pledge is not legally binding, but rather a moral commitment and Jewish Future Pledge does not accept funds directly or to specific Jewish organizations. In addition, the Jewish Future Pledge encourages pledgers to have intergenerational conversations about the Jewish values that have guided their life and the importance of sustaining the Jewish people.

“A cornerstone of Judaism is memorial Tzedakah – giving to charitable organizations upon one’s death for the purpose of tikkum olam, which translates to repairing the world,” said Stefan Pollack, president of The Pollack Group. “This mission is one that resonates with the agency, and we are excited at the opportunity to help the Jewish Future Pledge with their goals.

The Jewish Future Pledge believes that anyone who is committed to the continuance of the Jewish people can take action to ensure its future, regardless of their age, background, net worth, or how much they plan to bequeath to charity.

“Approximately $68 trillion will transfer from one generation to the next within the next 25 years,” said Hadara Ishak, Chief Operation Officer of Jewish Future Pledge. “We estimate that 20% of these dollars will be given by Jewish donors. With their pledges, we aim to ensure that $600 billion is set aside for Jewish causes and for the future wellbeing of the Jewish people.”

The agency will also work with Jewish Future Pledge’s sister organization, the Jewish Youth Pledge, which provides a curriculum to Jewish Youth Organizations in which participants ages 13-24 write a letter to their future selves about what living “Jewishly” means to them. The letters are collected and stored in a digital time capsule to be shared with participants at key junctures throughout the next 20 years of their lives.