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By The Pollack Group

How can organizations navigate uncertain times? Agency President Stefan Pollack joined Doug Simon from D S Simon Media to share his thoughts and perspectives on how brands need to communicate during times of crisis.

Here are top takeaways from the conversation:

On how brands should approach crises

“Brands and companies should be paying attention to and listening actively to what their consumers, customers and clients are saying…people need to hear something, they need to see something, they need to be provided with information. People and consumers generally will remember the brands that have helped them the most in uncertain times.”

On how should brands insert themselves into timely conversations and topics

“Stay transparent and be true to your voice. If it makes sense to do nothing, then do nothing. Just understand that ‘generic marketing speak’ is not going to work. Communicate with heart and sincerity, rather than promotion.”

The challenges Gen Z and younger generations faced during the pandemic

“I think we’re actually going to be seeing one of the most agile generations come into the workforce that we’ve ever seen, because of everything that they’ve been through. Change is a constant to them. It’s not when things are going to change, it’s that things will change.”

View the full video below: