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By The Pollack Group

Summer is almost here, which means laying back by the pool and reading everything you may have missed. If you’re looking for the latest news and update in the worlds of technology, digital and social media, retail, entertainment, fashion and more, we have you covered. Explore our vast Interesting Reads archives below.


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The iPhone is sputtering, but Apple is ready to go big on TV and News

The next wave of ‘Unicorn’ start-ups look a lot different from Uber and Airbnb

Generation Z already has survival tips for today’s tech-obsessed world

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Social Media and Pop Culture

How micro-influencers are stealing the show at Coachella

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Facebook still seems to spy on you… why?

Instagram could soon adopt a major feature of one of its competitors

Takeaways from 2019’s Super Bowl commercials

An egg, just a regular Egg, becomes the most-liked Instagram post ever

Welcome to the most Instagrammable place on Earth


Walmart is rolling out robots in their stores

Kylie Cosmetics and Nike are among the first brands to offer products directly on Instagram through its new shopping feature

What is a ‘Retail Theater’?

LEGO and Snapchat just opened a clothing store with no clothes in it

Starbucks isn’t as popular as it used to be, so what’s its next big plan?