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By The Pollack Group

Livestreaming has taken off over the past six months, as social distancing and stay-at-home orders are pushing in-person events virtual and forcing businesses to be more creative in engaging their audiences. But like most digital marketing channels, a livestream’s success comes down to how well a company understands and takes advantage of this platform. The agency was featured in the Forbes Agency Council‘s latest piece, ‘New To Livestreaming? Check Out These 12 Tips For Beginners.’ View the original article on Forbes. The No. 11 contribution is from agency president Stefan Pollack.

11. Take Advantage Of Livestreaming Platforms

Take advantage of livestreaming platforms like OBS that can collect multiple video inputs, branding and production controls. Anyone can livestream from their phones, but brands that produce their streams professionally will stand out. – Stefan Pollack, The Pollack Group

1. Find What Works For You First

Chances are, your first couple of videos are going to be pretty rough — worry less about having the perfect video/sound/lighting, and just focus on finding what works for you and your audience. One pro tip: rotate through a couple of guests, peers or co-workers on the first few lives — you’ll be more relaxed and it will feel more natural. – Saunder Schroeder, Disruptive Advertising

2. Have Reasonable Expectations

Don’t give up and have reasonable expectations when first starting out. No one is great in front of the camera the first time. No one reaches their full audience the first time. No one picks a topic that goes viral the first time. Have a plan going in. Evaluate that plan and make modifications as you go. Livestreaming won’t work for everyone, but you have to give it time to find out. – Adam Draper, Gladiator Law Marketing

3. Plan High-Value Content

Livestreaming is a great way to connect with potential clients and stay top-of-mind. But don’t wing it! Plan high-value content for your ideal audience. We use StreamYard to multistream to several platforms and add branding. The most important production values are sound and adequate lighting. People will forgive a less-than-professional production, but they won’t forgive irrelevant content. – Kami Watson Huyse, Zoetica

4. Mess Up, Be Vulnerable

Mess up, be vulnerable, show your viewers that not only are you an expert but that you’re human. The point of livestreaming is not only to provide timely content but also to express the values and personality behind your brand. Encourage live questions during your stream, and answer these in real-time to show that you are not just talking, but also listening. – Bernard May, National Positions

5. Always Have A Core Purpose

The value of livestreaming is that social media networks promote that content above all others because it’s happening right now. Make sure each livestream has a core purpose or specific call to action (follow us, leave a comment, make a purchase, etc.) and focus on repeating that several times during your livestream. – Brian Meert, AdvertiseMint

6. Bring Your Own Audience

Bring your own audience. Pre-promotion is key to building a successful program. Consider all aspects of digital marketing and content to build momentum going into the stream. – Lori Jones, Avocet Communications

7. Always Conduct A Pre-Production Run

Always conduct a pre-production run-through of your proposed livestream to guarantee it’s achievable. Make sure to test your internet connection speed to ensure you have consistent upload bandwidth or your livestream may not be viewable. If you’re streaming for the first time, start with a simple setup and make sure you’ve got backup equipment, as necessary for any technical glitches. – Joey Hodges, Demonstrate

8. Partner With A Remote Producer

Try partnering with a remote producer. There are a lot of moving parts when pulling off a good live video broadcast. You don’t want to burn time or reputation learning about the pitfalls while livestreaming your brand. Agencies that provide this as a service can also assist with finding the best channels and methods for reaching your customers more effectively. – A. Lee Judge, Content Monsta

9. Outsource Your First Forays

If your business is new to livestreaming, consider outsourcing your first forays into the space. Influencers are credible spokespeople who can integrate key messages into their live videos. They are experts in the medium and, bonus, bring their audience to the viewing. Businesses can negotiate to own the video to then be used later on their own social platforms. – Danielle Wiley, Sway Group

10. Ensure Lightning And Audio Quality

Make sure you have good lighting and really good audio. It requires a small investment in equipment but it is well worth it. Next thing is the ability of the presenter to keep the audience engaged with their delivery. This is harder than it sounds since you can’t see your audience at all times and you can’t “read the room.” Leverage user engagement key performance indicators as feedback loop and become better with practice. – Kashif Zaman, Pivyt

11. See Above

12. Embed/Share The Code On Social Media

When doing a livestream, embed/share the code on your social channels. Do a press release and embed your code. Over 1,000 news outlets can find this, and it will create brand awareness resulting in cold content turning into warm leads. Then, do the second livestream to a warm audience and turn into hot leads. – Qamar Zaman, KISSPR.COM

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