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By Stefan Pollack

I recently had the honor of participating in an exhilarating LATAM region meeting of the Worldcom Public Relations Group, which was hosted by MC Comunicaciones, our partner in Quito, Ecuador. The meeting brought our LATAM partners together, uniting some of the sharpest minds in public relations, marketing, and communications. As the Worldcom Public Relations Group Board chair, and President of The Pollack Group, I continually seek opportunities to collaborate and learn from our industry’s best, and this event was a perfect platform.

Our gathering started with a grand celebration of MC Comunicaciones’ 15th anniversary, which showcased and reflected on our group’s unity and diversity. The warmth of the welcome celebration set the tone for the collaborative atmosphere that defined the rest of the meeting.

Day One

The first full day opened with a warm welcome from MC Comunicaciones, followed by Worldcom managing director Todd Lynch’s greeting to the participants. A keynote from Quito-based economics professor Pablo Lucio Paredes on the LATAM region’s economic challenges was insightful, and a crucial reminder of the broader context in which we all operate. The conference then delved into brand innovation with Christof Leuenberger, Founder & CEO of Mountain Lion Partners, who provided valuable strategies for aligning brand strategies with consumer needs.

A highlight for me was the session led by our Brazilian partner, Angélica Consiglio, who gave us an overarching view of Worldcom LATAM’s activities. It is invigorating to see how our collective efforts shape the broader PR industry across continents.

A quick trip to the equator.

A discussion on corporate governance with María Paz Jervis, the head of Mexico’s Cámara de Industrias y Producción (Chamber of Industries and Production), was particularly eye-opening. These insights are invaluable as we focus on steering our organizations toward greater inclusivity and leveraging digital platforms for growth. In the afternoon, Publifyer co-founder Alberto Araúz spoke on influencer marketing as an opportunity for brand management, and how influencer marketing captures the essence of modern-day PR by harnessing the power of voices that resonate with our audiences. The ensuing Quito Center tour and dinner at the San Francisco Church provided an enchanting cultural immersion.

Day Two

The second day began with an engaging session on artificial intelligence and best practices for its use. We are at the cusp of a new era where AI is no longer a futuristic concept but a practical tool that enhances our work. Planbelow Director & Founder Roberto Miranda’s session on Disruption 2024 was particularly forward-thinking, touching upon the Metaverse, AI, and immersive strategic tools.

A panel on Corporate Reputation, with insights from distinguished leaders including Viviana Valdiviezo of Nestlé and Luis Pástor of Merco Ecuador, underscored the importance of reputation as a corporate asset. A discussion on communication’s role in sustainable development, this one led by Grupo Ekos CEO Ricardo Dueñas, was a powerful reminder of our responsibility to foster a sustainable future through our messaging.

The agenda concluded with a poignant session on the importance of mental health in leadership led by executive coach Cynthia Wright, and wrapped with a celebratory closing event.

Reflecting on the meeting, I am filled with gratitude and renewed vigor. Gatherings like these reinforce our agency’s commitment to excellence and innovation in our field. At The Pollack Group, we will carry forward the insights and collaborations from this meeting to continue to deliver our clients exceptional service and results that are #WorldcomStrong.